Exhibition of “Abstraction and Empathy” | Exhibition of “Abstraction and Empathy” – Acqualagna
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Exhibition of “Abstraction and Empathy”

EXHIBITION OF “ABSTRACTION/EMPATHY”, Designer Stone of Acqualagna Ecodesign – Abbey of San Vincenzo in the Furlo, 14th July – 18th September 2010.

The “Abstraction and Empathy” exhibition, Designer Stone and ecodesign, promoted by Acqualagna Council, Culture and Production Division, and created in 2010 in the striking Abbazia di San Vincenzo in the Furlo, is part of the event organised by the Provincial System of Contemporary Arts(SPAC). This initiative represents the beginning of the growth and comparison among various levels of knowledge and planning, in order to promote the creativity and tradition of Acqualagna’s artisan workshops.

The idea at the basis of the project, developed and promoted by this administration, seeks to foster the production of stone, which, starting from the historical tradition of working the pink stone from the quarries of the Furlo, succeeded over time in establishing an identity, an extra value for this area and its activities. Works of contemporary art and designer stone, made in the workshops in Acqualagna, have been designed as quality decor for both internal and external spaces, and not just relegated to artistic material status or exhibition material in a museum.