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The Truffle Market

In an Acqualagna council tender dating back to 1890 the executive body debated the purchase of scales to be used to publicly weigh truffles, the scales being given to a public weighmaster. More than one hundred years later, the means of establishing the price of truffles have become considerably more sophisticated and a stock exchange market for the truffle in Acqualagna has been set up online. The truffle capital has therefore become a reference point on the Internet for market listings of the prestigious tuber in the area in relation to the market trends. Prices are constantly being updated and it is possible to buy truffles directly online and so the service offered is increasingly more innovative and specialised.

N.B. Prices are for the public buyer and are an average of those communicated to dealers in Acqualagna, they can vary throughout the day.

N.B. I prezzi sono aggiornati al 27/10/2020