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Sports and Activities

Acqualagna happily welcomes all sports lovers. For those wishing to spend part of their free time in the open air, sport can be the right solution to meet those needs. There is a huge variety of sports available to tourists in the Pesarese inland areas.

Tourists can go on hikes, taking part in guided excursions to discover the most beautiful places in the territory. For nature lovers who love contact with animals, there is the chance to take part in horseback riding excursions, always under the guidance of experts in the sector who will put you at your ease and allow you to enjoy the thrilling experience of horse riding.

If however you prefer something more demanding, you can try mountain bike riding or rock climbing. The bike trails in the mountain are extremely varied. The three main peaks are those of Nerone, Catria and Petrano, mountains which are perfectly suited to the trails.

For rock climbing activities there are several suitable trails along the rocky edges of the three mountains which allow tourists to enjoy this sport. You can follow specialised groups and guides, but at the same time try out the sport and get a taste for this activity which is becoming increasingly widespread all over Italy.

Foto © Fabio Ceccarani